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How we can help

Support in an emergency

When a crisis strikes our team are always on hand, From supporting crews who have been abandoned, to helping if your wages are overdue, or visiting you in hospital if you are sick, we can support you.

Practical help

Whether it is a lift to the shops, a SIM card to contact loved ones or clothes to keep warm, we can help you.

Spiritual support and guidance

If you would like to go to Mass – our chaplains and ship visitors can arrange for this to happen on board, or help take you to the nearest church. We can also provide faith resources, such as our Stella Maris magazine, prayer books and rosaries.

Emotional support

Life at sea can be hard, separation from family and friends for long periods can lead to loneliness and feelings of isolation. Our chaplains can be a shoulder to lean on and are always available for a friendly chat and advice.

How we have helped

When the Malaviya Seven ship was detained in Scotland, the crew were abandoned without wages and unable to return home for nearly 18 months. Stella Maris stepped in to provide much needed support.

“Had it not been for the Stella Maris team, the crew condition would have been far different in the end. There was an implied assurance that as long the Stella Maris was present, justice would be served.

– Captain Ashish – Malaviya Seven

Other Support